What You Can Learn from a Coyote.

Some Native Americans called the coyote “God’s Dog.”

If there is one animal in nature that has mastered the ability to thrive, even when facing the fiercest natural and man-made obstacles — it’s the coyote.

I live at the base of a small mountain. It provides a great opportunity to observe wildlife from my backyard. Whenever I hear reports of coyotes in my neighborhood, instead of feeling fearful, I get excited.

Coyotes are one of the most adaptable animals on the planet.

Coyotes have remained in areas where wolves have died out. I’ll explain why a little further down.

First, let me tell you why I find coyotes so inspiring. Native Americans held them in high esteem and many tribes believed the creator made them to show people how to live.

Coyotes have evolved to rapidly adapt to their changing environment. One of their most useful adaptations has to become flexible, open-minded and creative hunters.

The essence of a coyote’s survival strategy can be applied to many human challenges.

Here are 5 things you can learn from the wily coyote.


Coyotes adapt their habits to give themselves the highest rate of success. They are social at times when being in a pack will increase their chances for survival, but are also comfortable stalking prey and hunting alone when that’s got a higher rate of success.

In some instances, coyotes have even been caught on hidden cameras teaming up with other animals, like badgers, to help them better hunt burrowing prey.

Like the coyote, your ability to adapt your work and personality to be a successful collaborator or solo producer will give you great advantages over the competition.


Even though coyotes are smaller predators (one-third the size of wolves) they always mark their territory and will defend it aggressively — even from the presence of other coyotes.

Taking ownership over what’s yours and not letting others (even team members) take credit for your work will help to make you indispensable.


Coyotes are loyal. They often form lifelong bonds with their mates.

Learn to be tough with outsiders, but caring and loyal to your inner circle.


When one food source dries up, coyotes don’t panic or disappear, they simply look for another one to replace it.

Mastering the “pivot” is one of the best business tactics you can learn. When a source of previous success stops yielding results, look to repeat the same successful tactics with something new.


One of the keys to a coyote’s success is its fierce determination. A Coyote will keep trying new maneuvers until it eventually outlasts or outwits its prey or competition. Sometimes, a coyote will realize that the best tactic to employ is patience — even when hungry. They will wait out harsh weather conditions and conserve their energy until the time is right to spring into action and take advantage of tired prey.

Staying determined to succeed despite the circumstances will distinguish you from others who may throw in the towel when they run out of ideas or outside pressure starts to build. A lot of success is just not giving up.

Coyotes have managed to expand their territory to 49 states and parts of Canada despite being one of the most hunted animals on the planet.

If you want to make it through life’s challenges and come out on top, think about being like a true survivor — the coyote.

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Writing as I live it. Creativity. Flow. Leadership. Peak Performance.

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Brendan Patrick Blowers

Brendan Patrick Blowers

Writing as I live it. Creativity. Flow. Leadership. Peak Performance.

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