The Traits of Timeless Art

Understanding this mysterious artistic quality could help you make a masterpiece.

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We Exist in More Than One Realm

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Imagining the possibility of another world beyond our consciousness offers the depth of an additional dimension to explore through artistic interpretation.

Time is man’s construct

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In other words, as an artist, If you seek to create work that is universal, you must transcend your perception of the present.

Timeless is the opposite of trendy

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Timeless does not mean commonplace

Timeless things have duality

It seems that a timeless creation is both a boldly personal expression of the artist who made it and a universal truth hidden under a recognizable layer of form, texture, and line.

Is Timeless work made for two audiences?

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Maybe there is no formula

Hokusai — Restored version of Great Wave off Kanagawa, Public Domain.

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