People reacted differently to 2020's extended quarantine. My response was to devote the extra time at home to personal development.

My path to training with the Flow Research Collective—the research and training organization started by best-selling author Steven Kotler, was an unusual one (more on that further down).

The Flow Research Collective offers neuroscience-based training in peak performance.

If you’re…

I recently started doing a weekly smartphone detox and couldn’t believe what happened next…

Smartphone fasting is a great way to improve your mindset and relationships.

How did we get dependent on handheld devices so quickly?

According to Pew Research, 81% of Americans own smartphones. 85% of smartphone users are so attached, they will check their device while speaking with friends and…

Some Native Americans called the coyote “God’s Dog.”

If there is one animal in nature that has mastered the ability to thrive, even when facing the fiercest natural and man-made obstacles — it’s the coyote.

I live at the base of a small mountain. It provides a great opportunity to…

Brendan Patrick Blowers

Writing as I live it. Creativity. Flow. Leadership. Peak Performance.

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